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Financial institutions should also become the butlers of our daily life

“The mindset in the financial world has changed little since the financial crisis,” says Jean-Philippe Thirion. “I strongly advise financial institutions to transform themselves into the butlers for our daily Life, if they are to innovate and adapt to the ‘Darwinian’ process the sector is going through.”


How low-tech solutions will boost your procurement process

The key to increasing efficiency, compliance and savings in your procurement process does not primarily lie in the implementation of advanced S2P tools. Instead, there are four simple, low-tech measures that each organization should consider


New Perspectives #6

In this October issue of New Perspectives, Alexander Van Caeneghem revisits Martin Luther to crank up the discussion on the organization of the future and Jean-Marie Bequevort interviews Attido ceo Marko Voutilainen Other themes are robotization and GDPR.