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Will GDPR fundamentally change Credit Departments?

Data collection and analysis can uncover unexpected connections. That’s also true in credit manage-ment. ‘But under GDPR,’ Florimond Vermeulen says, ‘credit scoring applications will have to deal with security limitations by finding a way to effectively incorporate privacy preserving procedures‘.


‘School’s out, for summer’

Four elements Young Millennials expect from their first job

Going through over 30 interviews the last 4 months, we realized young professionals’ aspirations have changed over the last few years. Here are four elements twentysomethings expect from their first job.


New Perspectives #4

In this End of Summer issue of New Perspectives we look forward, reflecting on the deeply humanizing impact of robotization, the advantages of Data Visualization and the basic things you need to know about GDPR if you want to be compliant by May 25, 2018.