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Four lessons from “23 Things They Don’t Tell You About Capitalism”

“To truly increase productivity of employees, training needs to focus on the specific needs of the job and the person. One way to do this is, is through mentoring and on the job learning rather than traditional classroom training. A side effect of this approach is an increase in the motivation of the employee which in turn will lead to higher productivity as well.” Read the blog about the second edition of our TriFinance Book Club.

employee engagement

How fragmentation is killing employee engagement

Fragmentation of roles leads to employees’ lack of ownership and a quiet acceptance of things-as-they-are. The time has come to put people first.

Me inc.®: me incorporated

Me inc.® professionals: enterprising individuals who like to collaborate

Our organisation is built up from Me inc.® professionals: enterprising individuals who like to collaborate. And they choose TriFinance for a reason.