Life is beautiful if you look at it with the right glasses


Employers benefit from networking with former employees

Employers should be committed to staying in touch with employees who have left the company. That is our conviction at TriFinance: it is not only the employee who benefits from a farewell on good terms.


People vs. Robotics: a shadow fight?

The world is in a moral panic. Since Stephen Hawking started worrying about out of control Artificial Intelligence, fear of massive job loss and even human extinction spreads like wildfire.


“Quota for women are a necessary evil”

Quota intended to put more women in top positions in the corporate world: are you for or against? Three female bigshots from the financial world – Lieve Mostrey (CEO-Euroclear), Anne Coppens (CCO-Argenta) and Sonja Rottiers (ex-CFO-Axa) – are not wholehearted supporters of this policy.