Life is beautiful if you look at it with the right glasses


“Quota for women are a necessary evil”

Quota intended to put more women in top positions in the corporate world: are you for or against? Three female bigshots from the financial world – Lieve Mostrey (CEO-Euroclear), Anne Coppens (CCO-Argenta) and Sonja Rottiers (ex-CFO-Axa) – are not wholehearted supporters of this policy.


How to boost employee engagement by fixing your processes

In most organizations, fragmentation leads to a loss of meaning and decreased levels of engagement. The good news is: engagement can be boosted on an individual and organizational level.


Look beyond the budget

You cannot know for sure if you are on the right track when you only take the budget as orientation point. You have to look beyond the numbers. That is our fierce conviction at TriFinance.