Life is beautiful if you look at it with the right glasses


How to learn everyday: tips to start your learning and sharing workout.

Learning in the modern world is about searching for the right sources, filtering out all the noise, and packaging it into something that is both useful for yourself as well as others. But how and where do you start when you want to learn something new? And how do you share your insights?


How the Internet of Things changes the playing field of the Controller

With the Internet of Things (IoT) virtually all data is generated in real time. We now have a continuous flow of information at our disposal. What does this mean for the role of the Controller in an organization?


4 steps to develop an effective learning opportunity for your team

An effective blended learning program is beneficial for organizations and employees. But choosing the right training type that answers your needs and those of your team can be quite a challenge. We gladly share a 4 step plan to develop an effective learning opportunity for your team illustrated by the case of Carrefour.