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New Perspectives #3

In this third Issue of New Perspectives, we introduce you to ‘The Sixth Floor‘, a new series of interviews by Jean-Marie Bequevort. The Newsletter also includes reflections on how to operationalize your strategy, and the problem of data and ethics.


One Ring to Bind them All. Why we need an Algorithm Registration Office

To address the problem of algorithms creating ethically unwanted effects, three stakeholders need to collaborate: the data scientists that develop the algorithms; companies and organizations as sponsors of development; and government. Data scientists, however, will have to pilot the case.


Don’t mess with the value chain!

Operating models and the operationalisation of strategy are more than ever hot topics among business leaders. People, culture, structure: they all revolve around strategy. The operating model is the engine of the organisation, that defines the framework for doing what needs to be done in the value chain.