Life is beautiful if you look at it with the right glasses


Shifting of Value

We all have a latent habit of expressing the “value” a company/ idea /movement holds in terms of currency, when in fact we are asking these questions because we want to develop a feel for a different type of value. Also, the focus on innovation and technologies cries for a way of communicating value in different ways than currencies.


Next level credit management – Cristof Van Laer Interview

Cristof Van Laer: ‘Credit management eventually comes down to trust. In the near future, technology will shift credit roles from operational tasks towards generating added value, focusing on client relationships and building trust.’


The best way to predict the future is to invent it

Millennials, the new generation at work, live in a we-topia. They are very influential. If you want to cater for these new generations, your organisation needs to be future-proof. Even better: you need to build the organisation of the future, inside and beyond credit management.